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Organic Coffee

To begin with, let’s define what organic coffee actually is. Organic coffee is coffee that is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Furthermore, the land the coffee is grown on has been given sufficient time to detoxify itself. This has too been accomplished without the aid of genetically modified organisms. Finally, Max’s Java organic coffee is processed and packaged without the involvement of any chemicals.

So why choose organic? Well organic coffee is simply better for your health as it’s free of toxic residues from fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or preservatives. Therefore, these potentially harmful substances cannot enter your body through your coffee. The benefits don’t stop with bodily health. Drinking organic coffee is also benefiting the environment! As the process is chemical free, no birds, rodents, squirrels or other small animals are at risk of being poisoned or killed. Organic coffee is thereby helping to maintain a balance in the environment.

In addition to the health benefits, Max’s Java organic gourmet coffees are premium, meaning they’re predominantly from some of the best varieties of Arabica in the world. Arabica is the most widely used species of coffee beans and is considered to be far superior in quality. Max's Java organic coffee beans are sourced from a variety of regions such as Peru, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Columbia and Sumatra. All coffees are not created equal so when you’re looking for the best coffee out there, make sure the coffee beans are quality and the brand is reputable. Look for small batch brewing and quality roasting and packaging practices. At Max’s Java we want you to have the perfect cup of coffee and offer quite a selection of organic coffees for all your coffee needs. Try our Organic Signature Blend or perhaps the Organic Italian Espresso. Either way, you’ll be satisfied!

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