What makes our Non-Flavored Coffee so good?

Non-Flavored Coffee

Max's Java understands the importance of your morning cup of coffee. The start to your day. A peaceful time to enjoy and savor each sip of the best coffee before the daily hustle and bustle begins. We therefore make sure that each bag of delicious non flavored coffee that is purchased, is fresh, flavorful and roasted to perfection. To start, we scouted out the richest, most successful coffee grower regions to select our 100% Arabica beans from. Regions such as Columbia, Peru, Nicaragua and Sumatra. Popular opinion is that Arabica beans trump other beans in quality and flavor and we agree!

Now that Max's Java have the best beans, the next step is a quality process. The beans are slow-roasted in small batches in house. This process helps to elicit the best flavor possible as we are able to manipulate and customize the ideal time and temperature for each variety of bean. Our beans undoubtedly come out as pure as when the process began.

Some people love hot coffee, while others prefer iced coffee. Some people prefer flavored coffee and others prefer non flavored coffee. At Max’s Java we have an extensive assortment to suit all your needs. Try the Jamaican classic Blue Mountain Blend that carries slight undertones of chocolate. Or perhaps you’re in the mood for a light, mellow bodied coffee such as Hawaii’s Kona Blend. When you pour a cup of Max’s Java you’ll want to keep your cup flowing!

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