What makes our Flavored Coffee taste so good?

Flavored Coffee

Max’s Java is serious about our flavored coffee. Coffee is a huge part of your morning routine and we know that first cup is so important in setting your day up for positivity. We therefore take great pride in all our coffees and take precise steps to ensure your coffee is brewed to perfection. Firstly, our gourmet flavored coffees are made from 100% pure Arabica coffee beans. Not to mention, these beans are sourced from the greatest coffee regions of the world, yielding the highest quality beans. These beans are then small batch roasted in house. Our slow-roasting process elicits the best flavor possible by customizing time and temperature to each bean’s unique characteristic. Consequently, our beans always come out as pure and untainted as when the process started.


Your Max’s Java coffee is roasted to order. Therefore we only roast and flavor once your order has been placed, guaranteeing optimal freshness. Finally, after bean selection, careful roasting and precision drying, the flavoring of your coffee begins. We take great pride in our coffee so all our gourmet flavored coffees are hand flavored. High quality beans plus careful flavoring yields a wonderfully delicious combination. As a result, you experienced a flavor burst without the guilt of sugars or alcohols. Start your day with a classic cup of creamy, Hazelnut Cream. Perk up midday with a cup of citrusy Orange Truffle. End your day with chocolate based flavors like White Chocolate Marshmallow for your after dinner treat. Come taste the difference with Max’s Java flavored coffees where you will find a special flavor for every occasion.

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