Strawberry Chocolate



Everyone loves delicious, chocolate covered strawberries so why not enjoy them as a guilt free indulgence whenever you need a sweet tooth fix? We take our premium Arabica coffee beans and flavor them with the taste of fresh, juicy strawberries combined with silky, creamy chocolate. Thick and delicious in flavor, this is a winning combination that everyone will love!




Strawberry Chocolate Coffee

At Max’s Java, all of our strawberry chocolate coffee is roasted provincially in our warehouse. Another thing we pride ourselves in using only the finest Arabica beans from around the world. Roasting and brewing flavored strawberry chocolate coffee is an art and a skill that we have perfected over the years. In addition our crafted approach extends to everything we do, and you can taste a difference in our ample selection of chocolate flavored coffee brews. After roasting, the beans are then immediately cooled down before adding the flavors and are then packaged for freshness. We perform our roasting in the United States so that our freshly roasted beans can reach the consumer as quickly as possible.

The more people tell us they love our chocolate strawberry coffee, the harder we work to make it even better. If you’re not buying the highest quality coffee possible, you’re cheating yourself out of a truly delightful and special coffee experience. Max’s Java takes joy every step of the way so you can savor the best medium roast Arabica brews one cup at a time! Our object here at Max’s Java is to create an authentic strawberry chocolate flavored coffee experience built on a deep passion for our love of a great cup of joe.